We have more than 40 years of experience in the metallurgical field. We offer a prompt and efficient service, since our team is made up of specialists with extensive experience in the sector.

Today, our services cover the entire national territory, offering our services to a wide range of customers. This is why we have managed to become a highly regarded laboratory, thanks to our proximity to the client, professionalism and short delivery times compared to other companies in the sector.

The system implemented in our facilities, guarantees the complete quality management according to the European standard UNE-EN ISO 17025, approved at the beginning of 2003 by the ENAC entity, through the Accreditation 640/LE873.


We have been faithful to the company’s policy and values for more than 10 years. Our mission is to continue progressing in the sector, thus consolidating our position as a national reference, without ruling out access to the international market in the future. Our eagerness leads us to be in a constant evolution of the processes and acquisition of new accreditations. The aim is to always offer the best possible service.

This goal would be unthinkable if it were not for a team that, day after day, offers its services to the laboratory. The awareness to achieve this objective is absolute and the indispensable requirement to succeed in this task is none other than to give our customers the best version of ourselves. The following are the values that in our opinion are fundamental:

These values are what give the customer an accurate vision of our working methods and ideologies. Qualities that allow us to continue to prosper and to be considered a reference laboratory.


BUREAU DE ORGANIZACIÓN, SOLDADURA Y ENSAYOS, S. L., hereinafter BOSE, S. L. is a Limited Company with Tax Identification Number B-58.097.007, which was incorporated in Barcelona in 1974. In its beginnings it was a Sole Proprietorship, later becoming a Public Limited Company, until 1974, when it was transformed into the current Limited Company.

BOSE, S.L begins the process of implementing the complete quality system according to the UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard in its facilities in Tiana (Barcelona) and with the company in charge of Jesús and Maria Victoria Doménech Fedi, General Manager and Administrative Director respectively.

The laboratory is approved and accredited by ENAC with Accreditation 640/LE873. This accreditation is currently maintained with the Scope of Accreditation Rev. 11.

The laboratory moves to Montgat (Barcelona) in an industrial building, increasing its premises, its machine park and its work team. At the same time, the Scope of Accreditation is extended in the traction area.

Bose, S.L. Bureau Organization Welding and Materials Testing


Jesús Domenech Fedi, Manager and Director.

Iván García Espín, Quality Manager International Welding Engineer IWE/EWE.

María Victoria Domenech Fedi, Administrative Management.

Àlex Domenech Torrents, Commercial Director.

Sandra Serrat Puig, Deputy Quality Manager / Master in Industrial Engineering.

Juan Llanas Román, UNE EN ISO 9712 Accreditation for Non Destructive Testing:

· Level 2 (Visual Inspection, Penetrant Liquids, Ultrasonic and X-Ray Inspection).
· Level 3 (Magnetic Particles).

Ciro Mulà Domènech, Specialist in Metallographic Studies.

Julián Llanas Román, UNE EN ISO 9712 Accreditation for Non Destructive Testing:

· Level 2 (Penetrant Liquids, Magnetic Particles and X-Ray Inspection).

Working languages: Spanish, Catalan, English and French.